Hello! This is About Me!

Forest Kinsey: Professional Comedian and Screenwriter.

I analyze as much as I imagine. As a graduate of the University of Kansas, with degrees in Film and Media Studies and Ecology, Evolutionary, and Organismal Biology, my simultaneous experiences in creativity and science allow me this unique approach to my work.


Creative Writer

I am an active writer of feature screenplays, comedy sketches, award-winning short stories, and more. While my focus is primarily comedic, my fondness for subversion of the expected extends through all the genres I engage in.

Improvisational Comedian

I have been a professional improvisational comedian, with seven years performing experience, currently working with The Bird Comedy Theater in Kansas City, Missouri. Improv informs my understanding of writing, filmmaking, and all forms of collaboration.

Setting the Shot for Rube: An Immaculate Contraption

Rehearsing with Whales for The April Fools Show

Behind the Scenes, Nervous Energy: Two Weirdos' Films

Rehearsal for Stop Trying to Make Sketch Happen

Innovative Filmmaker

I always seek new approaches to creating films. I enjoy the merge of animation and live action, practical effects and set design, and working with actors. Where convention ends, invention begins.

Curious Researcher

Along with my creative work, I have a strong interest in researching comedy and filmmaking. The questions "What defines comedy?" and "Is measuring comedy possible?" particularly intrigue me.

Still from DramaUrge

Still from Competitive Child Raising


The following include a traditional resume and an artist's CV. In case of questions or queries, contact me at Thank you!

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